NNN Nigeria, an MMM Nigeria ‘incarnate’, enters with bogus claims

NNN Nigeria, an MMM Nigeria ‘incarnate’, enters with bogus claims

NNN Nigeria, a copycat of MMM Nigeria has launched itself into the Ponzi Scheme sound cloud with massive propaganda.

This is coming less than a week after MMM Nigeria announce that it will be freezing all accounts of its over 2 million.

NNN Nigeria is just a ridicule of everything MMM Nigeria. Just like its predecessor, owners of the scheme are dodgy and ‘anonymous’. The domain details are hidden with no trace of whoever owns an or runs the scheme.

Coincidentally, the website is using the same reseller hosting company with Cool Naira another pyramid scheme. You can read more about Cool Naira here.

On its website, NNN Nigeria claims that it was started by Nigerians and some foreigners who are no longer in control of the scheme and how it runs. The bogus claim is that a certain ‘NNNAi’ is the program running how the system works.

They also claim that the system is different from MMM Nigeria because there are no ‘guiders’ (Some kind of leg soldiers and promoters) who earn more than anyone for referring and bringing in more members into Ponzi Scheme.

The long and short of the matter is that NNN Nigeria is a typical Ponzi Scheme that will burst anytime. The appearance of the website is not only haphazard but unprofessional.

A financial analyst told PageOne that whoever gets involved with NNN Nigeria will get hurt. With the confidence level on Ponzi Schemes going down more than ever before, there is no future for this scheme. Many analysts in the Ponzi Scheme community claim that its owners are one of the current/former members of MMM Nigeria.

One analyst alleged that many of these people have made a fortune from MMM Nigeria and they are looking at how to be more independent to make more money from unsuspecting Nigerians who are looking for ‘quick’ cash to survive the current recession.

  • Peter okparaigbo

    I will be very much happy if nnn will work on their promise nigerians will be happy with nnn