While MMM is Frozen, Cool Naira, another Pyramid Scam is ‘Waxing Strong’

While MMM is Frozen, Cool Naira, another Pyramid Scam is ‘Waxing Strong’

While many youths are ‘wailing’ and ‘whining’, one Paul Samson is cashing out big from Nigeria’s recession. He has started Cool Naira, a pyramid scheme that works in a similar way to MMM Nigeria.

He understood the benefits he is getting and why the recession has been good to him. He is bold enough to say that Cool Naira, “Is The Best Way To Make Cool Cash As Nigeria Economy Faces Imminent Recession!”

However, Cool Naira is a pyramid scheme with a touch of a Ponzi Scheme. It has nothing to do with MLM because there are no product, goods or services sold to anyone.

According to data released on the website, the scheme is claiming to have paid out NGN8,13 million, with 64,288 active members. It also claimed that it registers about 500 people per day (estimated data). PageOne.ng cannot independently verify the his claims.

To join Paul Samson’s Cool Naira, all you need to do is to pay any amount from NGN1000 to NGN10,000. Cool Naira then promise all its affiliates/members that it will pay 50% of whatever their preferred member pay into the scheme.

As analysed by BehindMLM, Cool Naira is also not truthful in how it goes about calculating what it gives its members/affiliates:

When a Cool Naira affiliate recruits a new affiliate, they earn 50% of the fees paid by the new affiliate.

Note that this is capped based on how much the recruiting affiliate themselves paid.

Ie. ₦1000 NGN affiliates can only earn ₦500 NGN, regardless of whether their recruit a ₦6000 or ₦10,000 NGN affiliate.

Ownership of Cool Naira

As for now, Paul Samson is the only person linked to Cool Naira according investigation by BehindMLM. He has no MLM and or pyramid scheme knowledge.

He is running the pyramid scheme under the name: Gcyber Technologies, with the address: Warri, Sapele, Oghara, Warri Delta State (South South Nigeria). Since he is using a reseller hosting for the site, there limited information that can garnered from his hosting details.

However, Paul Samson registered the domain Coolnaira.com with liquidnetlimited.co.uk on the 29th of March, 2016. He also claimed that he registered G-Cyber Technologies as a  “professional web and ICT business firm registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC BN 2453653)”.

Some people suggest that Paul Samson might one of the many ‘Guiders’ (top cadre) members of MMM Nigeria. He is suggested to have made huge amount from MMM Nigeria.

His case is similar to many MMM Global members who have since gone ahead to start various pyramid and Ponzi Schemes mimicking MMM Global. Such cases includes: MMM United, MMM West Africa, Givers Forum and many others.


There is no value created by Cool Naira and anyone in the scheme. As a usual pyramid scheme, it is the last people who get it that will hold the bag full of nothing.

Paul Samson will be cashing out 5% of every amount paid into the scheme. A pyramid scheme critic told PageOne.ng that Cool Naira is just another scam that will lose steam anytime soon.

“The scheme is also owned and controlled by him alone. He has the levity to blank out the site anytime he thinks things are no longer ‘jelling'”, he added.


  1. This was a comment I gave to a media that was trying to put COOLNAIRA and MMM on the same range. I gave the reply to the defence of COOLNAIRA and its members including me.
    Here it is:
    “Let me point out this to you, Coolnaira is not a scam and will never be.
    For the fact that it is registered in Nigeria is enough proof that it is genuine.
    Coolnaira does not promise what it will not pay.
    It is not like MMM, where you expect 30% return on your investment.
    Coolnaira is a networking scheme in which you to get downlines before you get paid.
    The higher your network, the higher your commission.
    The payment mode is fast and reliable.
    Let me also point to you that Paul Samson came to solve problem caused by scheme like MMM.
    He has been in various networking scheme and discovered that some of them just promise what they will not deliver and at the end, the participants will suffer.
    As a Nigerian, he took it upon himself to make something different and trustworthy.
    Quote me anywhere ” it is made by the black, for the black “, it has never failed in his promise; if there will be any issue, there is always a notification to all members.
    As a good founder, Paul Samson communicates with his members and attends to their questions and problems.
    Coolnaira is never hiding its identity because it is legal.
    It is a way to surest Naira.
    One thing you should note is that;the way you get new downlines, the way you increase your chance of earning.
    I ca categorically say that, I have seen someone who earns about N100,000 at once.
    Alot of testimonies are going on, so I don’t there is any communication between MMM and COOLNAIRA.
    On the claim that Paul Samson might be a top MMM Guider. He knows nothing about MMM. He is not involved in any activity related to it. He is a young man doing his own thing of helping people get rid of fake networking sites.
    To explain the brain behind Coolnaira for you: Premium Pays N1000, Deluxe Pays N6,000; Apex pays N10,000. For every new person that joins your network through your username, if it is direct then the upline will earn 50%, if it is indirect it will be 5% till stage 10.
    Coolnaira is never a scheme that will crash for whatsoever.
    Coolnaira can never crash because it has analysis of how its being funded and hosted.
    It is never a scam!!! As to your critics, Please stop the assumption, networking business such as coolnaira will not crash.
    Coolnaira is open to all, the navigation are clear. If you need to withdraw any amount; just fill the withdrawal page and before 24hours your bank account get funded without delay.

  2. Lol this madness writter must be sicho

  3. What an insane writter lol hahahahah just imagine. If what you write is genuine then approve comments…foolish bloggers.

    I am a blogger like u. Instead of u to use the medium to grab opportunity. u are are written rubish. I am sorry for you. You really need help. Let’s see how far you will go with your fake post.

  4. Oh!

  5. Klassickuewn

    Nigerians enjoys destroying themselves thats y they don’t grow

  6. Yes thats true @ Klassicke..

    The poster is just a fool posting jagons here, you lie and typing rubbish with grammatical blunder lol hahahaha. Coolnaira.org, .net, .info are all registered my me. Facebook blocked the .com not because they think its scam but because of members like you who spam people’s post since facebook hate spamming. Hence we have to set up a new domain to redirect to the main site for facebook users

    How much have you made from your blog posting rubbish.

    I am sorry for you honestly.

    Even with your rubbish post, people still get involve everyday and serious members are getting paid for sure.

    Check here //scamanalyze.com/check/coolnaira.com.html to read members review. You are just a fool. Clear conscience fear not acquisition. I am confidence in what i am doing and i am not a Scammer.

    Referral network or MLM has passed the old fashion of selling product.

    Buying or selling product is no longer a barrier in networking this is new era.

    Coolnaira can not crash, you are just an enemy of progress and your success in life is in God hand. Coolnaira will keep growing everyday either you like it or not.

    Foolish blogger

  7. To me I think he is just been a good advertiser making Paul Samson to o be more popular. So my advice for the blogger is to continue his croticism. Criticism I believe should make one to be more proactive in his or her dealings and more effective.

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