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Under investigation for running a Ponzi scheme in South Africa, here is the man who started Crowd1

Last week, authorities in South Africa said they have started an investigation into the activities…

Skyway capital
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New Zealand issues scam alert on Skyway Capital, a cable car company that also targets Nigerians

The government of New Zealand has issued another warning on Skyway Capital and New Economic…

Federal Government Lockdown Funds
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South Africa is investigating Crowd1 Ponzi scheme

Authorities in South Africa have opened an investigation into a Ponzi scheme called Crowd1. National…

Federal Government Lockdown Funds
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NITDA warns Nigerians to beware of Federal Government Lockdown Funds scam websites

The National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, has raised an alert on the activities of…

omoshola special package
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Is she a scam? Omoshola special package charm vendor exposed as pregnant and abandoned by boyfriend

*WARNING! This article contains sexually-explicit words. There are revelations that a certain lady who is…

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From Jaaruma, Angela Nwosu to Omoshola are Nigerian special package online charms common scams?

From Jaruma, Angela Nwosu, and now Omoshola with her special package charms, there are growing…

Binomo social media scam
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Stanford researchers expose Binomo social media scam in a scathing report

In a scathing report authored by Stanford Internet Observatory researchers- Jack Cable, Shelby Grossman, Yemi…

Obinwanne okeke
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Obinwanne Okeke to plead guilty to court charges on fraud

Nigerian Business man,  Obinwanne Okeke, who was arrested in the United States last August, has…

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US unmasks “Scattered Canary”, a Nigerian online scam gang

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to render Americans jobless, tax authorities in the United State…

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Lagos court orders Invictus Obi’s N280m forfeited

The Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday ordered the forfeiture of N280,555,010.65 “warehoused” in…