Luno Bitcoin exchange to launch customer service chatbot


One of the largest Bitcoin exchange in Africa, Luno said it is working on its chatbot and will soon ship the app that will carry out its basic customer services.

Luno said in a message to its customers that:

“We have been working tirelessly to train our newest addition to the Luno team, our customer support bot. This chatbot will be able to answer most of our customer queries and hopefully reduce troubleshooting tickets significantly, even in the middle of the night.”

There are no specifics of what and what problem or query the app will be able to solve for its customers. It is apparently not going to verify KYC documents for new and existing customers who have to wait for days.

However, Luno said it is working reducing the difficulties in document verifications.

“We’re improving our document capturing process to include smoother flows and friendlier features. This should help reduce delays caused by uploading incorrect documents when our customers are verifying their accounts for upgrade,” the exchange said.