Shell halts production at Forcados on emergency shutdown


Royal Dutch Shell has just shut down oil production at its Forcados pipeline due to an emergency situation.

Prior to this shutdown, Forcados terminal was ramping up after a temporary shutdown on the Trans Forcados Pipeline

According to Reuters, “There was low injection into the Forcados terminal on March 27 as a result of a temporary shutdown of the Trans Forcados Pipeline, operated by Heritage,” an SPDC spokesman said in a statement. “The pipeline was restored on April 2 and production into the terminal is ramping up”

Shell did not comment on the cause of the pipeline shutdown or the loading delays

Reuters reported that the Forcados exports were scheduled at 262,000 barrels per day on 10 cargoes in April. Nigeria’s total April crude exports were set at 1.854 million bpd.

Forcados is Nigeria’s largest production platform accounting for a larger chunk of Nigeria’s daily oil production.

Incessant vandalism in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region has always endangered the facility as a prime target to many militant groups in the region.