Are there still fake football agents in Nigeria?

licensed football agent

The peculiarity of summer period to footballer is nothing to be compared with. It is a season where licensed football agents or representatives as you may prefer to call them go about scouting for quality players on behalf of clubs around the world.

Destinies are changed during this period annually. The summer period is a time footballers across the globe look to make certain moves to desired clubs either due to termination of contracts with present clubs or end of contract. Players also make moves as a result of desire to change environment. In fact, some make moves to other climes based on family or personal reasons best know to them.

However, players in Africa and other developing countries often fall prey of fake or unqualified agents who claim to have links with clubs especially in Europe. It is the dream of every youngster to further his / her career in Europe (greener pastures). It would interest you to know that players in most parts of Africa who also ply their trade in professional football leagues look forward to that moment when the opportunity comes to make the ‘big move’ to their heaven.

In the past we have heard stories of how players pay ‘football agents’ who promise to take them abroad, but in the end leave them stranded. It can be likened to Ponzi scheme!

How do you distinguish a real agent from a counterfeit? Simple. Football agents generally have eye for talents. At the sight of a good player, they see a deal already. They will never request for money before getting your invitation from the club they have claimed to have links which makes your visa issuance process smooth, flight bookings will be as easy as bread and butter without the player having to pay a dime, hotel reservation same, and securing a training opportunity will not come with stories.

Funny how you see players who know certainly that they will never be able to secure a contract with a professional team abroad tie themselves to liars who claim to be agents but have no contacts. These set of players are actually desperate to go abroad not exactly for footballing reasons. This is also not to say that the players have no passion for the game, but let us reason together, a player who cannot control and pass well, how will he get a professional contract?

Perhaps you have fallen prey in the past. They showed you many print outs of invitation from clubs. Really! It is time to shine your eyes! In as much as there are quality products and services, there would definitely be counterfeits.

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