Changing Lives Online is a philanthropy ponzi scam

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Changing Lives Online is one of the recently created ponzi sites in the like of its predecessors claiming to help Nigerians get out of poverty.

Information available on the websites says its a group of philanthropists who came together with pure mind to change the lives of people with a mission of alleviating the alarming rate of poverty and to evenly recycle cash in the pockets of people so that no one is left financially stranded.

The group has carefully mapped out its reward systems one of which is registration bonus. This is given to a new member of the community ‘as being willingly to change the lives of other members.’

‘Another bonus is given on each new member you invite into the community. The number of referrals you have determines your promotion. Higher rank indicates higher earning.’

It is important to note that the story is the same as that of its predecessors with a bait of rewarding newly registered members and referral bonus. Which is more reason why it is called a pyramid scheme. The fellow who bring or introduces another to the scheme get paid and feed off the effort of his/her referrals.

Changing Lives Online further claims its a community that does not condone dishonest and falsifications which is what the group itself is all about. What is honest about a group of individuals robbing other people of their hard earned monies? Do philanthropists as they claim they are expect a return on investments? Perhaps the promoters of the group do not understand what it means to be a philanthropists.

A philanthropist is someone who engages in donation of his or her time, money, and/or reputation to ‘charitable’ causes. 

It is clear that these individuals are only interested in ripping other people off their monies. How can you tout the group for philanthropic works yet they get help? It shows that the group itself needs help. Whoever invests in this scheme will end up getting scammed.

Although the government through financial agencies in Nigeria has encouraged its citizens to only invest in recognized organizations, but for the spate of multiplication of these ponzi groups there is need for relevant authorities to take the case a step further to save Nigerians from scam.

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