Pairporte 100% in 30 Minutes Ponzi scam review

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Just so you know, Pairporte is a recently launched ponzi scheme spreading like wild fire through every available digital means.

Although we have seen many of its kind shut down within a short period form their launch but, promoters of Pairporte claim to have the passcode to sustain the scheme for a long while.

On its site, there is a message to all intending participants which reads: ‘Pairporte allows you to gain insight before providing help to anyone. Pairporte is a product from a 6 months research on why ponzi schemes fail. To understand this failure, we discovered an approach that is sustainable and friendly.’

Investors are promised a 100% interest from 30 minutes to 20 days.  The platform also claims to be an irreplaceable platform built on synergy, user feedback and concurrent improvements.But, time shall tell.

According to information available on the site, Providing help varies from NGN10,000 to NGN200,000 hence giving its users to choose whatever they can afford. The participant is then required to click on provide help area to view to have been paired to make payment after receiving an email notification. After providing help, your get help list would have been populated with your previous downlines paired to pay you. You will be notified by mail whenever they have been paired.

In fact, the scheme is trending on twitter as it appears many Nigerians have invested in the program that promises to double ‘spare cash’. Its major selling point is that participants see who is paying before making payments.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing spectacular with what Pairporte has done. Its promoters have only tried to give the scheme a name synonymous name to an online fashion store ‘Payporte’.  It is however fair enough to note the difference in order to avoid a misconception.

In the light of this, Pairporte ha sits days number and the early birds will benefit from the scheme as usual. It is not a money machine hence, it is not a sustainable scheme.

There are several red flags on this scheme and it does not require any iota of smartness to see them.

Firstly, in their usual bogus manner, Pairporte is already claiming it has paid out over NGN176 million to its investors. There are no proofs as to how many people were paid and how much they invested that tallied up to such amount.

Apart from providing no proof for this claim, investors are also oblivious that Pairporte was just registered as a domain name on the 23rd of February, 2016.

The share financial fire power invested by the owners of this scheme means that they are out for a kill just like Twinkas, another Ponzi scheme that recently collapsed, leaving many of its investors in the cold.

In no short time, Pairporte will collapse leaving countless investors in the cold with huge losses. Ponzi schemes do not last for long. Apart from the fact that they are illegal, they are also designed to fail. For the fact that they do not generate income through actual investment, that in itself will make it collapse as soon as their is a drought of new investors.

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