Google Maps Adds New Feature to Help People Avoid Crowd

Google Maps is adding new features to help avoid – or find – other people.

The new “busyness trends” tool will show areas where there is likely to be crowds so that its users can either go towards them or avoid them if they would rather not be in a crowd.

Google has long offered similar features for particular train lines or locations.

But the new tool makes it easier to spot if a particular neighbourhood or area is going to be particularly busy at the moment.

The new tool is rolling out on Android and iOS now.

It is just one of a range of features that are being added to Google Maps as the festive season approaches, in the hope of giving more information and features for particular locations.

Those also include a new Directory tab that will show more detailed information on places like airports or shopping centres. It will explain what amenities they have, as well as what shops are inside.

Reviews will also be improved, with new information including better details on how much places are likely to be cost.

Google is also rolling out its grocery feature pickup more broadly. As well as integrating better information on its app, more people will now be able to use the tool, which lets people place orders with retailers and then pick things up on arrival.


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