Purported Female Bomber in Cameroon is not One of Missing Chibok Girls

Supposed abducted Chibok girl, who was recently arrested in Cameroon is not whom she claims to be. Cameroon authorities identified her as Aissatou Musa and her older accomplice as Mamma Sali.

They disclosed the identity of the bomber to Nigerian security agencies and the delegation in Yaounde a source said.


“Both bombers hail from Bama and speak in Mandara, Hausa and Kanuri. They have never been to Western school, except Koranic schools and have no relationship with the 219 Chibok girls,” the report maintained.

Nigeria government had earlier said that it would delegate some members of the Chibok community to Cameroon to verify whether the girl was indeed one of the 219 abducted schoolgirls.

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