Oreva Attah, Chief Strategy Officer, FINT

Oreva Attah is the Chief Strategy Officer at FINT. As CSO, Reva is responsible for developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives along with the Chief Executive Officer. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge , Oreva Attah studied Chemical Engineering, Economics […]


Tobi Adeleye, Chief Design Officer,FINT

Tobi Adeleye is the Chief Design Officer and Head of marketing. He leads our user experience efforts as well as our outreach efforts to gaining market share in our ecosystem. Tobi Adeleye is also the Co-founder, Vice President & head of marketing for Severe Nature, his interests are football, disruptive technology and […]


Nnamdi Okeke, Chief Technology Officer,FINT

Nnamdi Okeke is the Chief Technology Officer. As Chief Technology Officer, Nnamdi is responsible for the technical and structural framework of the company. In addition, Nnamdi communicates the company’s technology strategy to employees, partners, management and investors.ensuring our current framework is built to scale by creating new ways of adapting […]