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Konga Now Delivers Same Day in Lagos
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Konga Now Delivers Same Day in Lagos

*Rebrands K-Express to KOS ‘Keep on Shipping’ To ramp up its operations against competition, Konga, a leading eCommerce company in Nigeria, has decided to fulfill all orders from Lagos, South West Nigeria, on the same day. To make this possible, Konga has done two things. It has rebranded its delivery […]

PageOne Famous Birthday – Today

PageOne Famous Birthday – Today

Lady Gaga Born March 28,1986. She became the first recording artist in history to have three singles sold online. She is a multiple-award winner and also known for her exceptional fashion stunts . Ezegine Orezi Allen Born March 28, 1986. He is better known by his stage name “Orezi”. The […]

Mexican's set fire to an effigy of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on  March 26, 2016 in Mexico City during Holy Week celebrations. For many years Mexicans have made cardboard figures representing all forms of evil, which are then torched commemorating the "Burning of Judas," a tradition in which Mexicans torch effigies of the devil, politicians and others they dislike on the eve of Easter Sunday.  
Mexicans have found a new way to blow off steam over Donald Trump -- creating an effigy of the White House hopeful to burn in an Easter ritual. Some 61 percent of Mexicans hold a negative opinion of Trump -- who has vowed to force Mexico to pay for a huge wall across the US border to stop illegal migration -- an opinion poll found this month.  / AFP / YURI CORTEZ        (Photo credit should read YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Trump’s Effigy Burnt in Mexico

Donald Trump, the US Republican Presidential aspirant, continues to gather negative PR as his giant effigy was burnt today in Mexico City, Mexico. As a traditional, Mexico, the effigy of Judas was always burnt a day before Easter celebration. But this time around, Judas was replaced for Donald Trump. Trump […]