Samsung launches its first smart ring,the Galaxy Ring

South Korean tech giant Samsung has launched its first “smart ring”, the Galaxy Ring as it looks to rival Apple in the health-tracking wearables niche.

The Galaxy Ring, launched at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, is a lightweight ring equipped with sensors designed for health monitoring 24 hours a day.

Samsung has been teasing the release of the Galaxy Ring for the past few months.

The Galaxy Ring adds a new device to Samsung’s portfolio that can track health features alongside its smartphones and smartwatches.

Samsung is positioning the Ring as a device to be worn alongside its smartwatches and with a smartphone, powered by artificial intelligence software.

The Galaxy Ring can monitor a person’s movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart and respiratory rate and give analysis of the quality of sleep, track a person’s menstrual cycle, inform users when their heart rate is unusually high or low, and detect the kind of workout or activity a person is doing.

The Galaxy Ring weighs between 2.3 grams and 3 grams, depending on what size you buy. The device comes in three colors.

Samsung says the Galaxy Ring’s battery can last up to seven days. There’s a portable charging case, as with wireless air buds.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will be available on July 24 and starts at $399.99.

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung also launched its latest smartwatches — the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra. The watches include new sensors and sports-tracking features.

Samsung also launched its latest foldable devices on Wednesday: the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6.

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