Microsoft and Apple reject roles as observers on OpenAI board

Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc have declined observer roles on OpenAI’s board.

Windows software maker Microsoft announced its withdrawal from the board via a letter to the ChatGPT parent OpenAI. Microsoft boasts a $13 billion investment in OpenAI.

Following Microsoft’s departure, Apple also announced her intent to have no observers on OpenAI’s board.

The move by the tech giants underscores the growing scrutiny from antitrust regulators on Big Tech’s influence over artificial intelligence.

Last month, European regulators said they were going to survey Microsoft’s rivals about OpenAI’s exclusive use of its technology.

Separately, the US is opening an antitrust investigation into Microsoft’s alleged dominance of the rapidly emerging field.

Microsoft is already facing questions about its other investments in the AI sphere. The FTC has opened a probe into whether Microsoft failed to properly notify the antitrust agencies about its deal with Inflection AI.

In March, the software giant agreed to pay the startup $650 million to license its AI software and hired much of Inflection’s staff.

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