Victor Osimhen’s Story

Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen’s journey from the dusty fields of Nigeria to the glamorous stadiums of Europe is a tale of resilience, talent, and an undying love for soccer. His story resonates with many who have faced adversity yet dared to dream big. For those in Nigeria, where the passion for soccer runs deep, the excitement isn’t just about watching their compatriot rise to international acclaim but also engaging with the sport on every level, including betting. Nigerian Betting Sites offer enthusiasts a platform to partake in the action, blending the thrill of the game with the anticipation of a potential win. This symbiosis of sport and betting in Nigeria underscores a national obsession that has propelled many, including Osimhen, to pursue greatness against all odds.

He grew up in terrible Nigerian poverty, where soccer was fought over. Osimhen even found his first boots in a dump, and for several years, he only took the equipment for the game there. He usually went to the field wearing different sizes of cleats from different manufacturers – whatever he could find, he grabbed.

Osimhen loved soccer. For example, in 2008, he cried after John Terry missed a penalty in the Champions League final – although he wasn’t even a Chelsea fan. He just thought how painful it was to miss a penalty in the final of such a tournament.

The Hard Way

So in 2015, at the U-17 World Cup in Chile, Osimhen tried to make sure that the net behind the backs of opposing goalkeepers did not stay dormant. Nigeria won the tournament spectacularly, defeating Brazil in the quarterfinals. Osimhen made 10 goals in seven games and almost left for Arsenal to Arsene Wenger, but ended up at Wolfsburg a year later.

Nothing worked out there: in two seasons, he played only 16 times and scored nothing but trained with Mario Gomez and Divock Origi. Osimhen believes he learned much from them: “Training with them is a great school. I don’t know what I would have done without the experience of working with such masters.

As a result, the Nigerian ended up at Belgian Charleroi, which risked renting a guy who did not fit both Brugge and Zulte Waregem. In Belgium, Osimhen tore up the local league: he scored 20 times in 36 games, was bought out for 3.5 million euros in the summer of 2019, and left for Lille for 22.4 million the same summer. It seemed that the French sports director Luis Campos overpaid a lot, and Charleroi made money out of thin air, but in the end, everyone was happy.

In France, Osimhen made 18 goals and 6 assists in a season before leaving for Napoli for a huge sum. Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis did not spare almost 70 million euros for the Nigerian.

Starting a Career in Italy

The start of his career in Italy did not go well. First, he injured his shoulder, which caused him to miss 14 games, in January 2021, he contracted a coronavirus, and in February, he lost consciousness after a violent collision with Cristian Romero in a match against Atalanta. Nevertheless, in 24 games for Napoli, Osimhen scored 10 times and gave 3 assists – great for a debut season in such a specific league as the Italian league, and with all the health problems.

His performance is not surprising because, on the field, Osimhen can do almost everything: he can run for short and long distances, adjust to his partners, playback and give the last pass, ideally determining the moment for this or that action. He is well-developed physically and has a cannon shot.

If anyone else wondered why De Laurentiis and Campos gave unmarketable sums for the Africans in their time, that’s precisely why. Osimhen has crazy qualities.

Osimhen, as a Human Being

But despite his status, Osimhen continues to be interested in the problems of his native Nigeria (celebrating goals, showing a T-shirt with a call to stop police brutality in the country) and, most of all, dreams of providing a d

ecent life for his relatives. Sadly, his mom died when Victor was six, and his dad died last year, but his siblings are grateful to Osimhen. He has given them everything they could ever dream of.


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