Sam Altman pitches OpenAI’s ChatGPT enterprise to Fortune 500 companies: Reuters

A Reuters report has it that OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman is pitching AI services for corporate use to hundreds of Fortune 500 company executives.

Altman hosted the executives in San Francisco, New York, and London this month, going head to head with financial backer Microsoft, Reuters reported.

OpenAI, the company that sparked the growth of generative artificial intelligence, is looking to grow new sources of revenue from corporations all over the world.

Altman directly addressed more than 100 executives in each city at the events, offering product demonstrations of ChatGPT Enterprise, the report added.

ChatGPT Enterprise is the enterprise-grade of OpenAI’s famous chatbot that generates text from simple prompts, software to connect customer applications to its AI services known as APIs, and its new text-to-video models.

At the events, Altman and other executives boasted that the consumer version of ChatGPT is already in use by more than 92% of Fortune 500 companies.

OpenAI, last valued at $86 billion in a secondary sale, has been trying to diversify its revenue stream since its chatbot ChatGPT quickly gained popularity in late 2022. It is on track to achieve the $1 billion revenue target it projected for 2024, sources have said.

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