Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Discord, and YouTube suffer massive outages

A number of top social apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Discord, and YouTube are all experiencing an outage.

When loading the apps or websites, users receive error messages.

For Meta apps, the troubles seem to have started at some point after 10 AM ET on Tuesday, according to reports on social media and various user-submitted issue trackers, like DownDetector.

Suspicion are being raised about the origins of this outage, particularly because it’s election day across a number of U.S. states.

These outages comes at a terrible time for any candidates or political organizations looking to do last-minute voter outreach efforts or those reminding people to go vote.

Discord is also experiencing issues and is down for some users. The company’s status website states that it is currently looking at the issue.

Users are reporting that they are unable to load messages, while others say the are unable to access the service at all.

YouTube is down too. YouTube confirmed that some users are having trouble loading videos on the platform.

According to a post on Google’s support page, users may be experiencing an empty home page, error messages, spinning wheels while scrolling on Shorts, and running out of videos to watch on Shorts’ infinite feed.

The root cause of these widespread outages remains unclear.

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