Facebook is closing its news tab in the U.S. and Australia

Meta Platforms is planning to remove the news tab on Facebook in the U.S and Australia. The news tab on Facebook will be shut in April 2024 as the social media giant looks to avoid news media-related regulations and payment hiccups.

Meta had discontinued Facebook News in the UK, Germany, and France with the need to allocate resources to other products and services the alibi.

The social media company said that the number of people using Facebook News in Australia and the U.S. dropped by 80% in the last year.

Facebook News’ shutdown could be blamed on broad regulatory moves. Legislations passed in countries Australia and Canada resulted in authorities asking platforms to pay online publishers for their content.

The announcement does not affect current deals the Facebook has in place with publishers until expiry. Also, people in Australia and the U.S. will be able to share news on their feeds and publishers will be able to manage their pages and post links there.

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