Netflix to block accounts of users paying through Apple

Netflix is kicking out Apple’s App store as a means of pay for its streaming subscription by its customers.

A notice on Netflix’s help site reads that members billed through Apple may soon be prompted to change their payment plan.

A spokesperson for Netflix also added that if a new payment isn’t added by the monthly subscription renewal date, the member will not be able to use their Netflix account until a new payment method is added.

The policy change will affect members using Netflix’s basic plan in countries including the United States and Canada.

Apple has faced years of pushback from apps in its iOS App Store for taking a 30% cut of all in-app purchases. Apple has said it takes a lower 15% cut in some situations.

Netflix stopped accepting Apple payments for new and rejoining customers in 2018. Now existing customers who had been grandfathered into paying through Apple will now have to make the switch.

Apple’s in-app purchase fees have been the subject of probes from app developers for years. Last month, in a blow to Apple, the US Supreme Court declined to review a lower court’s order requiring Apple to allow all developers to add buttons or links that direct customers to purchase in-app content through other payment channels.

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