Lagos FA chairman Fouad Oki suspended amid allegations of misconduct

The Chairman of the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA), Fouad Oki, has been suspended by the association’s Executive Board after a meeting at the Secretariat in Surulere, Lagos.

The decision to suspend Oki was reached with a 5-4 majority vote, citing alleged misconduct and high-handedness.

The grounds for the suspension of Fouad Oki include various issues, such as not attending the NFF Congress without providing an excuse or informing the LSFA Board, changing the association’s logo without obtaining approval from the Board and Congress, and more.

He was also accused of denying the Nigeria Premier Football League A1 Camera delegates access to test-run the A1 camera before the league’s commencement.

In an unexpected turn of events, it was reported that after the vote for his suspension, the embattled LSFA Chairman physically attacked and slapped his Vice-Chairman, Hajji Gafar Liameed.

Watch the video here:

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