Dutch regulator rejects Apple’s objections to 50 million euro fines

iPhone maker Apple has had it objections to a 50 million euro ($52.9 million) fine overturned by the Dutch competition watchdog ACM.

The ACM had fined Apple for failing to comply with regulations aimed at limiting the dominant position of Apple’s App Store.

The ACM alleged Apple had not met an undisclosed element of conditions relating to the iPhone maker opening up its App Store to alternative forms of payment for dating apps in the Netherlands.

The ACM in 2021 ruled that Apple violated Dutch competition laws in the dating app market and required Apple to allow developers of dating apps to use third-party payment processors.

The Dutch regulator fined Apple 5 million euros per week, to a maximum of 50 million euros, for the time it failed to comply with these orders.

Apple objected to these fines, accusing the regulator of incorrectly defined relevant markets and overestimating the dominance of its position in the dating app market.

The ACM rejected all of Apple’s objections. Apple has filed an appeal against the ruling.

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