Nio launches smartphone developed to be used with its electric vehicles

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio Inc has launched a smartphone designed to be used with its electric vehicles.

The Nio Phone – the first car-specific phone to be sold by a Chinese firm, boasts of high-end functions such as using the phone to instruct Nio EVs to park themselves.

Chief Executive William Li said the Nio Phone has more than 30 car-specific functions. With the Nio Phone, a driver can also notify the car to drive itself to their location. The phone can also be used to unlock the car even when switched off.

Three models are available, priced between 6,499 and 7,499 yuan ($890-$1,030). The phone will only be sold in China for now and deliveries will start from Sept. 28.

The automotive industry has had a much of a foray into the smartphone space with Meizu, a venture belonging to Zhejiang Geely Holding, unveiling smartphones that can connect to Geely’s Lynx & Co-branded cars in March.

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is also set to start making cars.


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