Someone is trying to blackmail me with my nudes – Skitmaker, Lizzy Jay

Nigerian Skit maker and Actress, Adebola Adeyela, popularly known as Omo Ibadan, has taken to social media to express her frustration over an attempted blackmail she’s s currently facing.

In a video shared on her verified Instagram page, she disclosed that someone threatened to release her nude photos.

While recounting how the blackmailer gained access to video of her private areas, she revealed that she was ill and taking antibiotics a few months before now.

She claimed she had a severe reaction to the medications, including itchy skin, rashes in her intimate areas, and bleeding in her vagina.

As a result, she sent pictures of the affected areas, to her doctor, who is also her close friend, for him to give her a prescription.

Now, she is receiving threats, as regards the video. She thinks the man accessed her Snapchat account by hacking her email account and getting hold of the footage.

She said: “I have been receiving calls for some days now from someone who claims he has my nudes.

“The video in his hands was the video I recorded through Snapchat when I reacted to a certain medication, and I had rashes all over my body, including my private part. I couldn’t have a physical examination with my doctor, so I made a screenshot of the part I wanted him to see in the video.

“I sent it and deleted the video immediately. The man trying to blackmail me hacked into one of my email accounts and used it to access my Snapchat. I will be visiting the police PRO to make a formal complaint and give them every detail and picture I could find connecting to the blackmailer”.

“For the past few days, I have received calls and messages from someone who claims to have my nudes. The calls and comments on my page are aimed at forcing me to a negotiation table to become a victim of blackmail,” Lizzyjay narrated.

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