Duolingo to host math and music lessons on its app

Language learning app maker Duolingo has announced the coming launch of its latest product, Duolingo Music. PageOne.ng had previously reported the company was hiring for music expertise back in March.

The edtech app maker has confirmed the arrival of its new “multi-subject experience” which also includes the previously launched Duolingo Math, as well as Duolingo Music and its flagship language-learning product all in one app.

The company says it will offer a deep dive into the new experience at its Duocon conference on October 11th.

In a promo video, Duolingo indicated the updated app will offer bite-sized lessons, interactive exercises, and allow users to level up their skills.

In terms of music, code inside the Duolingo app had included images of piano keys and a drum, in addition to lines of code referencing music sessions, songs, and music unit reviews, among other things.

Duolingo Music and the multi-subject experience in the new app will be fully revealed at Duocon on October 11th.


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