Fitbit is refurbishing its app with a three-tab layout

Google-owned Fitbit is introducing a new app with a revamped design in the next few months. Fitbit will start testing the new app in beta starting today with a select set of people.

Fitbit claims that the new app will have a three-tab structure: . a “Today” tab for a summary of a user’s activity, a “Coach” tab for health and fitness content, and a “You” tab to give users access to adjust their goals and track their progress.

The new app brings a refreshed design with features like today’s steps, stress management, sleep score, zone minutes, and activity.

Fitbit is introducing a fitness, nutritional, and mindfulness content hub with the new “Coach” tab by showing curated content. Users will be able to filter workouts by equipment type.

The “You” tab lets users adjust their goals for measures like steps, activity, and sleep. The “You” tab also folds in features like achievements and community.

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