Federal prosecutors probe former FTX executive Ryan Salame over alleged campaign law violations

The Wall Street Journal reports that federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating former FTX executive, Ryan Salame, over possible violations of campaign finance law related to his girlfriend’s congressional campaign last year.

Salame was FTX’s co-chief executive of its Bahamas-based unit. Salame is being investigated for possibly illegally avoiding federal limits on contributions to Michelle Bond’s campaign for the Republican primary for New York’s 1st congressional district.

The investigation concerning Salame is being treated separately from that into founder Sam Bankman-Fried, which include campaign finance law violations as well as fraud and conspiracy.

Salame is yet to be charged in the FTX case but he has previously been identified as an unnamed co-conspirator cited in Bankman-Fried’s indictment who allegedly took part in a campaign-finance plot unrelated to Bond.

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