Apple announces The Vision Pro, its first major product since 2014

Apple has unveiled its mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, on Monday during its WWDC developer conference.

The $3,499 Vision Pro headset is Apple’s first major new product since the Apple Watch in 2014.

The Vision Pro allow users to see apps in a new way, in the spaces around them then use their eyes and hands to navigate through apps and search with their voices.

The headset can be used to watch movies, including in 3-D, with spatial audio, view their own pictures or videos, and play video games. It can also be used for work with video conferencing apps, Microsoft Office tools or Adobe Lightroom.

It will be available starting at $3,499 beginning early next year.

With a feature called EyeSight, the headset can become transparent or opaque to signal to people around the headset user if they’re immersed in an experience or available to interact.

Spatial audio will make it feel like the user is totally immersed in the experience, including by sensing other items in the room.

The Vision Pro can also create a realistic-looking avatar of a user to use in the experience.

The headset is made to fit different face shapes and sizes with adjustable and interchangeable parts.

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