Elon Musk accuses Microsoft of misusing Twitter’s data

A lawyer for Elon Musk has accused Microsoft of misusing the Twitter’s data.

The lawyer, via a letter that points out to infractions by Microsoft, has demanded an audit from the software giant.

The letter alleges infractions by Microsoft in drawing information from Twitter’s database of tweets.

Musk has previously accused Microsoft and its partner OpenAI of “illegally” using Twitter data to develop sophisticated AI systems such as ChatGPT.

Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, noted that Microsoft’s agreement with Twitter barred it from overuse of the service’s data such as exceeding “reasonable request volume" or “excessive or abusive usage.”

Spiro accused Microsoft of retrieving more than 26 billion tweets in 2022 alone.

The letter also laid out other allegations, noting that while Microsoft was required to inform Twitter about its intended use of the data, it failed to do so for six of the eight Microsoft apps that drew on information from the Twitter database.

Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw said in a statement that Microsoft will review questions raised by the letter and then will “respond appropriately.”


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