TikTok’s parent ByteDance ventures into book publishing

The parent company of social media platform Lemon8 and short video app TikTok, ByteDance, is cooking up another content app, Lemon Inc.

Lemon Inc, a subsidiary of ByteDance, has submitted a trademark application for 8TH NOTE PRESS for a range of book publishing products and services.

The list of products and services registered with 8TH NOTE PRESS includes an app to read, download and discuss fiction ebooks in an online community; retail bookstore services; ordering books in audio, printed and digital formats; publishing ebooks, audiobooks and physical books; as well as providing online, non-downloadable fiction and non-fiction books.

Reports also have it that ByteDance might be rolling out a standalone book app where users can, as the trademark registration suggests, read, download, buy and talk about books.


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