Warner Bros. Discovery Introduces a New Game of Thrones Series, Promises a Better, and a New Streaming Service, Max

Warner Bros. Discovery has promised that its new streaming service, Max, which will arrive next month, will be a revamped product with improved recommendations, and better performance.

Max, a combination of HBO Max and Discovery+ content, will gain an updated user interface via a seamless transition for existing HBO Max subscribers across most platforms.

Discovery+ subscribers will be able to continue to watch in their standalone app if they choose.

Warner Bros. Discovery, during a press event, introduced Max and its many forthcoming originals, including a new Game of Thrones series.

The company openly admitted that its current HBO Max service has several technical shortcomings that it now aims to address with the move to Max.

JB Perette, CEO and President of global streaming and games said the new Max service would address several key business objectives, including user engagement, retention, more regular viewership, and easier, more personalized discovery of the content offerings.

The company had announced an expanded slate of new original programming earlier in the event, including new series like Big Bang Theory and True Detective spin-offs, a live-action Harry Potter, DC Comics titles like “The Penguin,” and others.

Max will feature a new content navigation menu at the top that will help consumers more easily find the series and movies, as well as the new releases they may want to watch.

Across the app, the company promises streamlined categories, improved content details pages, shortcuts, dedicated brand hubs, and thematic content rails, to make the app easier to explore.

There will also be genre hubs to dive into different types of content and a new quick shortcut that lets users save content to a list for later viewing.

Also, individual user profiles will for the first time offer more personalized experiences where users are recommended new things to watch based on their prior habits and viewing.

Parents will also be able to configure their kids’ profiles, including through the use of parental controls. More, the revamped Max will introduce a default kids profile for its new subscribers, with options for parents to set the profile to either little kids, big kids, big kids plus, pre-teens, or teens.


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