Fortune launches the ‘Crypto 40,’ Ethereum beats Bitcoin in the protocol category

Fortune has released the ‘Fortune Crypto 40’ on April 10, a first for the crypto industry.

The Crypto 40 list is an analysis-based list that highlights five cryptocurrency companies in each of eight categories and relies on a combination of analysis and executive polling to determine the winners.

Fortune claims the Crypto 40 is a “definitive list of the most important crypto companies.”

The Crypto 40 was designed to highlight the organizations and their technology — as opposed to the popularity of the individuals and teams driving them.

The Fortune Crypto 40 is divided into eight distinct categories: TradFi, CeFi, NFTs, venture capital, data and analytics companies, infrastructure firms, blockchain protocol firms and DeFi.

Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken took top spots in CeFi, PayPal lead TradFi, and OpenSea claiming number one in the NFT rankings.

Surprisingly, Ethereum beat Bitcoin on the protocol category with Polygon edging out Solana (SOL) for third place.

Elsewhere, Bitmain took third in the infrastructure race behind Ledger and Genesis Digital Assets taking first and second, respectively.


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