Telegram introduces a power-saving mode amongst a bunch of new updates

Telegram has introduced a new Power Saving Mode to conserve battery power.

When the battery of your device dips below a predetermined percentage, the mode kicks in.

The mode turns off resource-intensive features like auto-playing videos and GIFs, sticker animations, and background updates.

Telegram said the mode has been tested on more than 200 Android phones and created “optimized default settings” for them.

Apart from the new battery-saving mode, Telegram has also rolled out a playback speed control for videos in chat. You can choose default speeds like 0.5x,1x,1.5x, and 2x, or use the slider to choose a custom speed.

Additionally, Telegram is introducing an auto-invite group links feature. So when you are selecting people to join a group, if they have disabled auto-joining, they will be sent an invite link.

Also, Telegram is pushing features like read time for messages in groups with less than 100 members, new animated emojis and interactive reactions, translated bot descriptions, and improved folder support on iOS.


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