U.S. FTC ask Twitter to provide Elon Musk’s internal communication

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has demanded that Twitter turn over some internal communications related to its owner Elon Musk and other detailed information about business decisions.

The order is part of an investigation into the social media company.

The FTC also Twitter to "identify all journalists" who were granted access to company records and to provide information about the launch of the revamped Twitter Blue subscription service.

The FTC also wants Musk to testify in connection with the probe.

Musk has dubbed the order "a shameful case of weaponization of a government agency for political purposes and suppression of the truth!"

The FTC has been asking Twitter if it has the required resources to comply with the privacy consent decree.

Twitter in May agreed to pay a fine of $150 million to settle allegations that it misused private information, and also improve its compliance practices.


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