Ford forms Latitude AI, its automated driving unit

Ford has launched a subsidiary, Latitude AI, that will focus on commercializing an automated driving system.

Latitude AI is staffed by hundreds of former employees of Argo AI, the autonomous vehicle startup that folded last year after Ford and VW pulled their backing.

Latitude AI will be dedicated to improving Ford’s existing advanced driver assistance system, Blue Cruise.

Latitude AI, with its 550 staff, will also develop new a,utomated driving technology for its next-generation of vehicles.

Latitude is headquartered in Pittsburgh, where Argo was also based and will have additional engineering hubs in Dearborn, Mich., and Palo Alto, Calif.

Sammy Omari, executive director of ADAS Technologies at Ford, ll serve as the CEO of Latitude. Ford named Peter Carr as Latitude’s CTO, who will oversee product and technical development, and David Gollob as president, who will be responsible for business operations.


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