2023: Atiku’s wife appeals to southwest voters to make her 1st Yoruba First Lady

The wife of the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Titi Atiku has begged the Yoruba ethnic group to vote for her husband so as to become the first Yoruba first Lady since 1999.

In a short video that is circulating the social media, Titi said the only way she can become the First Lady is for the Yoruba voters to support her husband in the February 25 presidential election.


Titi who spoke in Yoruba said: “Since the inception of the civilian government in 1999, no Yoruba person has become the first lady of the country. I want to be the first Yoruba woman. This is why I want Yoruba people to support the candidacy of Atiku. Atiku’s victory will make me the first lady of the country.”

Titi is a Yoruba woman from Osun State, she’s been married to the former Vice President for 50 years.


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