Microsoft Edge will soon let you split two tabs in a single window

Microsoft is testing a new feature for Edge users that will let them compare two tabs side-by-side.

The feature is available in an experimental flag in the beta, dev, and canary versions of Microsoft Edge.

The feature shows a new button alongside the address bar that lets you split an Edge window into two separate tabs side-by-side.

This built-in split view feature in Edge makes it easier for you to compare tabs in a single click, without having to re-arrange your tabs or open up a new window of a browser.

Once you’ve split existing tabs into a single window it creates a single tab with the combined web pages. That means you can create multiple split tabs in Edge, and navigate through them.

Microsoft Edge is limited to just two tabs side-by-side right now. Microsoft is currently testing this in macOS and Linux too, offering up a better window management feature for browser tabs outside of just Windows.


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