Life will be easier If the consequence of cheating in marriage is death – Moyo Lawal

Nigerian actress, Moyo Lawal, has opined that life will be so much easier if the reward of infidelity in marriage is death.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, the film star said she will get married in no time if the consequence of cheating is death.

“Imagine if the consequence for cheating in marriage was death😌😌or a very obvious consequence… … …Life will be so much easier,” she wrote.

“I wonder when scientists will discover something to test cheating… I will really appreciate that feature for one.”

She then captioned the post with: “would you be getting married? I would get married so fast eeh.”

Born in Lagos, Lawal made her first professional acting career in the TV series titled ‘Shallow Waters’. She played the role of ‘Chioma’ in the TV series.


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