Renowed Hacker George Hotz Quits Twitter

George Hotz, the first person to carrier-unlock an iPhone, has resigned from his Twitter internship. Working under his hacker alias “geohot,” Hotz is also famous for jailbreaking the PS3.

Hotz said he did not think “there was any real impact he could make" at Twitter. He also said it was “sad” to see his GitHub “withering.”

Hotz offered to join Twitter on November 16th after voicing support for CEO Elon Musk’s proclamation that the company would need to be “extremely hardcore.”

Hotz resigned as CEO of self-driving startup Comma AI in October.

On November 18th, Hotz said he was officially working for Twitter. Three days after that, Hotz said Musk had tasked him with two things: fixing Twitter search and fixing the popup you might see if you scroll Twitter while not logged in.

Hotz had signaled in recent days that he was considering leaving. He was unhappy with Twitter’s short-lived policy banning links to Instagram.

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