Lawmaker to NDLEA: Leave out entertainers from your drug war

The Senator representing Osun East District, Francis Fadahunsi has asked the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) not to take the drug war to the entertainment industry.

The lawmaker who spoke to newsmen said that entertainment was the only viable sector in Nigeria that had been a source of inspiration to the youth which had kept them busy amidst the depressing economy.

Decrying that the youth were not willing to do anything productive, Fadahunsi said the government must continue to let them drive the economy through what they had chosen.

“The elite must encourage the youth to return to farms so they can start somewhere. Many youths already mismanaged the COVID-19 stimulus package shared because they thought it was free money. We don’t want our youths to embrace banditry and kidnappings because it is not a ‘booming’ business for those in it,” he said.

“The only area that youths are doing well is in the entertainment industry. That’s why I’m pleading with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency not to go to their side. Nollywood and the entertainment industry generally is the largest recruiter of labour at the moment. If the NDLEA puts fire to the industry, the youth will revolt and it will be too dangerous for our country. Many people will run away because we have millions of youths in the entertainment industry.”

He also noted that many children from poor homes could not gainfully secure employment because jobs were often circulated among the elite.

“Some of them are even joining cultism and thuggery. I wanted to remove many of the youths from the road but unfortunately, they had no certificates. That is how bad the situation is sometimes,” he added.

Fadahunsi pleaded with banks to give loans to youths who were interested in investing in agriculture as it would also help curb the level and rate of banditry and other forms of crimes.


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