Elon Musk Orders Twitter Engineers To Report To The Headquarters

Twitter’s new owner and CEO Elon Musk has asked engineering staff to report to the San Francisco office.

The order comes after the social media platform had told employees it would be closing its offices until Monday.

CNBC reports that at the start of business on Friday, Musk called for “anyone who actually writes software,” to report to Twitter’s headquarters by Friday afternoon.

Musk had asked them to send him a high-level report of the best code that they have worked on in the last six months.

After the initial call for engineers to come into the office, he also sent a followup encouraging people to fly to San Francisco to present in person.

Musk said the point of sharing all this code, and meeting with him in the office, would be to do “short, technical interviews” that would help him “better understand the Twitter tech stack.”

Musk’s messages on returning to the office come after a wave of Twitter employees resigned on Thursday.

Musk had issued an ultimatum a day earlier telling staff they would need to commit to his vision for Twitter 2.0, and agree to work “long hours at high intensity.”


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