Decentralised Exchange Rubic Suffers Private Key Hack, Loses More Than $1M

Decentralised exchange (DEX) service Rubic has been exploited. Earlier today, attackers gained access to the private keys of an administrator’s wallet.

Rubic’s developer tweet that “one of our admin’s wallet addresses was compromised. This wallet managed the RBC/BRBC bridge and staking rewards."

Rubic suspects a malicious software was used to get access to the admin wallet’s private keys.

Around 34 million RBC and BRBC tokens were sold on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

The 34 million RBC transferred out by the attackers was worth over $1.2 million at press time.

RBC prices plunged over 98% in the hours following the attack as the attackers sold all stolen tokens en masse.


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