Donald Trump’s Truth Social app makes it to Google’s Play Store

Former US president Donald Trump’s Truth Social app has been added to Google’s Play Store.

Nearly two months earlier, the social media platform was banned due to a violation of Google’s content moderation policies.

Google recommends that apps featuring on its Play Store that host user-generated content (UGC) must have content-moderation policies that prevent illegal content, content inciting violence and hate speech.

Google also requires apps to provide a robust in-app system for reporting objectionable content and users, and a system to take action against such content or users.

Truth Social was launched in February as an iOS app and continues to be available on Apple’s platforms.

Truth Social is the former president’s shot to continue to communicate and organise with his supporters after he was banned from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms in the aftermath of the Jan 6 Capitol riots.

With nearly half of US smartphone users relying on Google’s Android operating system, the new move means more people could download Trump’s app.

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