Near Protocol partners with Google Cloud to support Web3 developers

Near Foundation has announced a new partnership between Google Cloud and Near Protocol.

The partnership will provide infrastructure for Near’s Web3 startup platform, Pagoda. 

The partnership will allow Google Cloud to provide “technical support” to Near grant recipients by providing infrastructure for Near’s Remote Procedure Call node provider to Pagoda.

Near Protocol is a decentralized application (DApp) platform that focuses on usability among developers and users.

The Protocol utilizes sharding technology to achieve scalability and, as a competitor to Ethereum, is also smart-contract capable and a proof-of-stake blockchain.

Google Cloud had inked a similar partnership with Binance’s smart contract blockchain platform BNB Chain, allowing startups that are building products and services on the BNB Chain blockchain to also be able to build on Google Cloud’s scalable, secure and open-source infrastructure.

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