Xpeng unveils the G9, says it will be its best-selling car

The G9 SUV, the newest car model of
Chinese electric car start-up Xpeng, has been tipped to sell better than its most popular car to date.

The company formally launched its G9 SUV on Wednesday and the car has been slated to begin deliveries in October.

The P7 was Xpeng’s first sedan, launched in May 2020, which quickly outsold the company’s existing G3 SUV that launched in December 2018.

Last year, Xpeng began deliveries of another sedan, the P5, which has notched cumulative deliveries of more than 37,000 cars as of the end of August.

The G9 comes with Xpeng’s latest assisted driving system, which according to Brian Gu, the company’s president and honorary vice chairman, will perform even better than in a prior model’s because the new SUV includes high-power Nvidia Orin chips.

With just five minutes of charging at an Xpeng station, Gu said the new car can add 200 kilometers of driving range.

Xpeng plans to launch two additional models next year, a smaller car and a larger vehicle.

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