How Popular Is Online Sports Betting in Africa?

The global sports betting market is already a large sector and it keeps expanding. With more and more countries legalizing the practice, people are getting an opportunity to bet on their favourite teams, athletes, Dota 2 (more information is here: In case you’re wondering if this exciting activity is popular in Africa, the simple answer is yes. However, read on for some interesting statistics.

Africans have a great love of sports

For starters, if you call the world’s second-largest continent home, you’re surely already aware of how popular various sports are in Africa. For example, while football is unmatched in popularity, many other sports are also big among African fans. From rugby and cricket to hockey, tennis, and basketball all the way to motor racing, there is an audience for almost every sport. Moreover, it’s not just African and local leagues that are being followed; individuals are interested in English, Italian, Spanish, US, and some Asian leagues.

Many sports don’t require plenty or any equipment, which makes them very accessible to different people. This is one of the main reasons why sports are so popular in Africa, as they are an easy hobby to take up. Another explanation for this popularity is the fact that there are now many successful athletes from the continent. Stars like Samuel Eto’o, Mohamed Salah, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Dale Steyn have all inspired the population to follow these different sports and place a few bets.

There are more and more providers in Africa

This love for all sorts of sports did not go unnoticed by various betting providers. As a matter of fact, various studies show just how much adults in Africa like to bet on sports. For example, in Nigeria, about 60 million individuals aged 18-40 place regular sports wagers. Then, in South Africa, over 50% of the adult population bets on a regular basis. The situation is no different in other parts of the continent, even though the laws are not properly established everywhere.

As mentioned earlier, there is a great selection of sports betting websites that locals can choose from. Leading providers understand how important a huge offer of games is, so they tend to include a wide array of leagues and types of bets. Moreover, they also use attractive bonuses to appeal to potential punters. Players also know to look out for the best odds and useful platforms that offer a pleasant experience as well as mobile apps if that is their preferred way of betting.

Local laws are mostly open to sports betting

A big factor in the popularity of sports betting is the fact that many countries don’t have specific laws that ban the practice. While there are some Muslim countries that outright prohibit the activity, many of the other African countries don’t really have any regulations in place.

For instance, South Africa has legalized online sports betting and the operators need a license in order to operate. Then, in Nigeria, sports betting is a legal activity while the online sector is not yet regulated. That means that foreign operators are free to offer their services to locals, without any fear of prosecution. In Kenya, sports betting has been legal since 1960 and the online approach since 2009. There is a local monopoly, but players have a chance to place a few bets on their favourites. Many other countries have not yet regulated the field and they allow residents to search for providers from other countries to engage in sports betting.

The population is in need of money

If you live in Africa, you’re surely aware of how young the population is. There are over 1.3 billion residents and the median age is only 19.7 years. However, research shows that around 40 percent of the population lives below the poverty line and many don’t have jobs.

With that in mind, it should be easy to understand why sports betting is so popular. By learning more about a sport or game and placing a well-informed wager, individuals can earn some extra money that can help them pay the bills, buy food, or even pay for their education. Furthermore, with more local providers come more jobs as well as economic growth.

Technology keeps evolving

Lastly, technological advances also cannot be overlooked. Nowadays, there is better infrastructure that allows for faster betting. More and more countries are implementing 5G technology while the mobile penetration rate is also on the rise. This means that betting is easier when on the go, which is how many young people prefer to engage in this activity. Plus, data costs are much lower and smartphones more affordable.

Additionally, different payment methods are also available. Therefore, people don’t only have to use cash or their debit/credit cards but can also rely on e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

In case you were not sure whether online sports betting is popular in Africa, the answer is a resounding yes. As you can see, there are several reasons behind this popularity, from many famous stars originating from the continent to a variety of providers offering punters a smorgasbord of sports, with constantly improving technology and chances of winning.


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