Purported Bitcoin Inventor Craig Wright Refuses To Give Proof He Is Satoshi

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright, has said that he will not provide any new cryptographic proof that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Australian computer scientist made this known through his lawyers in his trial against Bitcoiner Hodlonaut, which kicked off in Oslo on Monday.

Magnus Granath, best known as Hodlonaut had expressed doubt about Wright’s claims to be Satoshi, tweeting in 2019 that Wright was a “fraud” and a “scammer,” thereby bringing about the Norwegian trial.

Hodlonaut initiated the suit in Norway to get a judge to rule that his tweets were protected by the Constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Wright too has filed a defamation suit in the U.K.

Wright’s lead attorney, Halvor Manshaus, told the court on Tuesday that establishing Wright’s ownership of Satoshi’s private keys isn’t enough.

Manshaus claims Wright has also struggled emotionally with the burden of “proving” his identity as Satoshi.

Manshaus argued that Wright has suffered extreme emotional pain and “exhaustion” after a private signing session – intended to prove his ownership of Satoshi’s private keys – with Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen in 2016, that caused him to break down in tears.

Instead of cryptographic proof, Manshaus attempted to convince the court of his client’s identity as Satoshi with other pieces of evidence, including a personal history allegedly in line with the creation of Bitcoin.

Manshaus also told the court about Wright’s long-standing obsession with Japanese culture that explained his choice of pseudonym.

Satoshi, Manshaus said, means “Ash” in Japanese – and Wright chose it because he wanted Bitcoin to take down the legacy financial system.

During their opening statements on Monday, Hodlonaut’s attorneys told the court they’d commissioned multinational auditing firm KPMG to authenticate Wright’s evidence submitted in the case.

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