Hackers steal from General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs

On August 18, Bitcoin ATM manufacturer General Bytes had its servers compromised with a zero-day attack.

The hackers made themselves default admins and altered settings so that all funds would be transferred to their wallet address.

The amount of funds stolen and the number of ATMs compromised has not been disclosed.

General Bytes owns and operates 8827 Bitcoin ATMs that are accessible in over 120 countries, CoinTelegraph estimates.

The company manufactures its ATMs in Prague, Czech Republic, where it is headquartered.

General Bytes has urged customers to refrain from using their General Bytes ATM servers until they update their server.

Customers have also been advised to modify their server firewall settings.

The company believes the hackers scanned for exposed servers running on TCP ports 7777 or 443, including servers hosted on General Bytes’ own cloud service.

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