Hackers Rip Curve Finance Off $570,000 in Frontend Hack

Decentralized trading platform Curve Finance’s website has suffered a frontend attack.

“Don’t use the frontend yet. Investigating!” Curve Finance tweeted.

Hackers compromised a Curve website or domain name to redirect users or their transactions to a malicious destination.

According to Web3 on-chain sleuth, Zachxbt, the cybercriminals made off with $570,000 in ETH.

The criminals then sent the ETH to FixedFloat.

FixedFloat said it had frozen 112 ETH, around $191,088, of the stolen funds.

Launched in 2020, Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange and automated market maker (AMM) for trading stablecoins and wrapped digital assets like wBTC and tBTC.

A few hours after its original notice, Curve Finance said the issue had been found and resolved.

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