Crypto Leaders Protest Tornado Cash Ban

Crypto industry leaders are condemning the U.S. Treasury Department’s ban on American citizens from using Ethereum coin mixer Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash is a service that allows users to make transactions on the Ethereum network more private.

The service pools together large numbers of transactions and mixes them in a manner that prevents their tracking on the blockchain.

“I don’t think it was appropriate at all,” Ethereum core developer Preston Van Loon protested.

Roman Semenov, Tornado Cash’s founder, alleged on Twitter that his Github account was suspended following the federal government’s blacklist announcement this morning.

Github is the code hosting platform upon which Tornado Cash is built.

Erik Vorhees, a prominent crypto startup founder and one of Bitcoin’s earliest advocates, condemned not just the announcement, but Github, for enforcing “the tyranny of [the] US government’s sanctions list.”

Others claimed the sanctions were unlawful, citing numerous federal court cases that have previously established “source code as speech” protected by the U.S. Constitution.

The Treasury Department justified its Tornado Cash sanctioning by citing the service’s use by multiple bad actors, including North Korean state-sponsored hacking organization Lazarus Group and the criminals that stole $7.8 million during last week’s Nomad Bridge hack.

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