Nigeria is the world’s most crypto-obsessed nation

A recent study taken by Coingecko has highlighted nations’ growing interest in crypto after the April crash.

The research was based on Google Trends data of popular crypto search terms.

The search history of each nation was then compiled to give an overall search score.

The research highlighted a significant rise in curiosity among Nigerians after the crypto market downturn in April.

The Nigerian population searched the term ‘cryptocurrency,’ ‘invest in crypto,’ and ‘buy crypto’ the most among the 15 countries that were part of the research.

Nigeria had a total search score of 370.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) came in second with a search score of 270. Singapore ranked third with a search score of 260, while the United States was ranked 12th with a search score of 157.

The search score data also highlighted some of the top cryptocurrencies that people in these 15 countries searched.

Notably, Ethereum searches outscored Bitcoin in 14 of the 15 countries, with Singapore leading the chart with a score of 59.

The rise in interest towards ETH over BTC could also be attributed to the upcoming Merge to the proof-of-stake network slated for the third week of September.

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